Shaping the future
of urban mobility

Role: Senior UI/UX Designer
Company: moovel Group GmbH
Date: 2020

The Company

moovel was Germany's most innovative city mobility startup. A tech company which aims to make cities smarter through a new mobility ecosystem that combines car-sharing, ride-hailing, parking, charging, and multimodality from a single source.

Our Purpose

As a proud member of the moovel team, I successfully helped shape the company's online presence and created high value added content that reflected the modern and innovative position of the company within its industry.

Our Solution

Every business and brand is unique. moovel, that offered a new and advanced app for public transport, has defined their own values & characteristics for identity. Those identities have been cleverly applied to the overall grid layout of their website, which makes things to appear quickly and effectively.

We not only used typography as a way to present information but also as an inspiration for the overall grid geometry.
We kept the layout clean and clear using generous amounts of white space. This ensured that the text was easy to read and breathing space was created.

Our Solution

We've established white spaces in our design for a good reason: A space that's neither a visual obstacle nor the focus of attention, but rather serves as some kind of a space where the user feels at ease. It should be so because we, as designers, have to make sure that users feel comfortable and are not disturbed by something that distracts their attention.

Additionally, we made sure there is a special feel to our website and soft colours, a clean typography create a unique atmosphere.

The colour palette was strong yet minimal. Imagery and backgrounds were subtly treated to draw out shiny colour and grey hues in order to categorise informative content.

Our Solution

Great content is the first step towards a successful online initiative, but great content isn't enough if it can't be found.

When we set out to design the moovel website, our goal was very clear: Simplify the entire process of finding the most relevant information. This is why we took special attention to the website content and Information Architecture. We have to admit that it wasn't easy to keep such high standards while having in mind that moovel could be brought up by a wide range of visitors and customers. However we are proud that this site was easy to understand right from the start and takes you on your journey without getting lost in technical details and link overload.

We care about every little detail to ensure that our customers are able to find what they need on the web and to ensure that our products are pictured perfectly.

The Result

Our app and website served as a central hub for users to plan their daily trips and access the information they find relevant. This included travel options and schedules, real time traffic updates, parking availability and the status of public transportation vehicles.

I believe that we succeed in our mission to provide a seamless experience for consumers and business travelers by providing personalized travel recommendations and actual physical or virtual ways to get there. We strive to make our clients' everyday lives easier so they can focus on the most important thing: Living life the way they want in the moment.

We were transforming urban mobility one city at a time. We created a corporate website which put the product front and center and educate users about the benefits of transforming cities by providing the most convenient and sustainable mobility options for everyone.


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