Crafting a unique
brand identity

Role: Art direction, Visual Identity and Website
Company: moovel
Date: 2019

The Objective

Everride is a company that offers digital mobility budget for employees. Operates urban mobility as a monthly benefit in order to attract new hires and improve employee’s work-life balance.
Together with the team, I developed, upon their current logotype and corporate colours, a new visual identity, their full online presence and a brand guideline for the future design of documents, signage or any other brand identifier.

The Solution

We used organic shaped imagery juxtaposed with strong and contrasting type to create a sleek and modern aesthetic. Images were to feel clean, freshand, modern and young to match the typographic style and the target group.

When scrolling down the page, careful attention was paid so that the colour hierarchies were respected. White space was used generously to keep the layouts uncluttered and balanced, moreover small moments of animated text were added to keep the site alive and fresh.


Finally, we handed the guidelines that describe the visual and verbal elements that represent everride’s corporate identity and, whether they were developing a social media campaign or working on a PowerPoint presentation, we hope they'd use this style guide as a reference and inspiration to follow at all times in order to guarantee that a consistent look is maintained throughout all their communication.


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