All power athletes
under the same flag

Role: Product Designer
Company: Barbell Republic
Date: 2022

The Company

Barbell Republic is a German-based clothing company that designs high quality apparel for power athletes.

Barbell Republic was founded by gym freaks, who were frustrated with the little number of choices they had to make when shopping cross training gear.

Barbell Republic design attractive alternatives and trendy, hot workout clothes for bodybuilders, powerlifters, crossfitters, mixed martial artists and strong men and women around the world.

Our Purpose

Their philosophy is that the best clothes are created when you strip away all the unnecessary details and focus on what really matters: fit, fabric, and design.

My mission was to build a brand, an online presence and merchandising that were bold, dynamic and strong. A brand that would fit their target audience.

Our Solution

The name "Barbell Republic" is a metaphor for the new, bold, more dynamic and agile nation/community that they are building.

I started by creating an identity based on the idea of a barbell within a flag. This was then translated into an aesthetic that could be applied to all sorts of different pieces from merch to all visual communication or marketing materials, such as website, brochures, social media graphics etc.

Our Solution

As for the social media, I created a strategic framework to make sure that they are not wasting time on social media channels that didn't work for the brand. I did this by analyzing their performance and matching them up with the best possible channels for their goals.

It was an ongoing process of refining and extending Barbell Republic social media exposure with main focus on their product catalog combined with some educational content.

We adopted a very minimal but straightforward design language to reflect the brand's charisma and sportsmanship values. It helped connect Barbell Republic with their existing and potential customers by designing elegant, useful, and engaging social media content.

The Result

We were able to bring about a brand that emphasizes values of respect, self-improvement, positivity and teamwork.

By appealing to their rationality, we created content not only to educate but to inspire and succeded in showing potential users why our website and products was worth sticking around for.


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